Moon & The Cross

In the July of 2000 the Lord directed us to have the Northwest Dance & Worship Conference at the ranch. This was a huge undertaking and took a lot of work. The Lord blessed us with some great teachers and we had Traditional Jewish Dance, Interpretive Dance, and also Flags, Streamers and Tambourine workshops as well. The classes during the day were held in the cafeteria at the grade school here in Eagle Valley. Things went well and everyone was really learning and enjoying what was being taught.
The biggest problem for all of us was the heat. It was extremely hot, and for some reason the air conditioning was not working. Even though we all made the best of it, we were all melting. I remember on breaks everyone would head directly for the ice water tanks or water fountains before the next class.
As soon as the day was over for the workshops we would all head back to the ranch. There was about an hour between the end of the workshops and when we would all eat dinner. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and festiveness.
After dinner, the evening portion of the conference was held outside and no one could wait until the sun went down and it was cool again. This part was in the orchard, which was a wonderful outdoor setting for what we were doing. It looked beautiful and the grass was like a golf course with lots of level ground just right for dancing before the Lord.
The evening would begin with people from the different
workshops showing what they had learned by actually participating in one of the dances. It was a very colorful time, with different Jewish costumes and everyone dressed in attire for dance before the Lord. There were beautifully colored flags and streamers that people had brought to worship with. And on the stage we had a complete array of colored lighting set to point out on the green and
grassy dance area. We even had mechanical rotating lights mounted in some of the trees. And almost everyone had something in his or her hand they could worship the Lord with.

On top of everything else, there was a beautiful full moon that came up that night. A cool warm breeze came up as well, and you couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening to worship our Lord.
It wasn't completely dark when we started but as time went by the garments, the flags, the tambourines, and the streamers began to look more and more beautiful as the lighting would catch and glimmer off of them. Most of the people, including the instructors had never had this type of setting before. It was a tremendous sight as we worshipped the Lord in this manner. It was a night of displaying every ones' best before the Lord. This in itself would have been a wonderfully, memorable night but the Lord had something even more in mind.
After the dance of all kinds had been displayed to the Lord, we then took communion. Every one made a big circle and two twin brothers, who had come and shared with us before, shared as we took communion. You could feel the Holy Spirit so strongly. His presence was becoming more and more tangible as we were partaking of His covenant.
As we finished, we began to worship the Lord in the Spirit. We began to sing with all of our hearts. Hands were raised in adoration and you began to hear the harmonies that come with high worship. It was at this time that we saw something that astounded us.
As we were looking up, the full moon, which was now so bright that it gave everything a shadow, was shining on two jet streams in the sky. Now ordinarily in the night sky you can't see jet streams because it's dark and they aren't visible. However, like I said, the Lord had something He wanted to show us. This was going to be no ordinary night. These two jets had cut across the sky in different directions while we were worshiping, and about the same time as myself, two or three others all pointed and said look! The jets had left, to our amazement, a perfect, white cross. It was huge and so pure white with the brightness of the moon behind it. It was almost unbelievable, but here we were seeing it with our own eyes.
The singing began to hush as you heard people telling others to look. Everyone was pointing with astonishment. And even though the breeze was blowing the opposite direction, that cross came against the breeze and cast its' shadow right over the ranch.

It was as if the Lord was pleased with what He saw, and He said I'd like to show you all something too, in return. Something that's spectacular. Something that only I can do, with exactly the right timing to it. Something that would please and astound us, who came with our beautiful garments, flags and streamers to please Him. Something so we would know without a doubt that it was Him.
That night we saw something brighter and more beautiful, that spoke a better sermon than we had. That night He gave us a Sign that was truly Wondrous…… The Moon and the Cross.



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