What We Believe

As Christians we believe, that our Lord Jesus Christ, was Gods only son,
and that He came to earth
born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit.
- We believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins and transgressions and that
physically resurrected from the dead on the third day, and that this is
necessary for salvation as stated in (Romans 10:9-10).

- We believe in Repentance from sin and in Baptism in water (Acts 2:37-38), (Matt. 28:19).
- We believe that
He Ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of God our Father,
ever making
Intercession for us until He comes again (Acts 1:9), (ROM. 8:34), (Heb. 7:25).
- We believe not only in the experience of Salvation, but also in the experience
of the
Baptism of the Holy Spirit (John 3:16), (Matt.3:11).
- We believe that Jesus came
to preach the gospel to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to
deliverance to the captives, the recovering of sight to the blind, and to set at liberty those
that are bruised, as in (Luke 4:18). We believe that we are to do the same as in (John 14:12)
- We believe that Jesus was sent to "...
destroy the works of the Devil" (1John 3:8),
and that we are to, once again, do the same (Luke 10:19-20).
- We believe in carrying out the Great Commission of
Winning the lost to Jesus and in
Descipling them to grow in the Lord (Matt 28:19-20) (Mark 16:15-16), and that these Signs should Follow us
as we do so, - Speaking in Tongues, Casting out devils, Healing of the Sick (Mark 16:17-18).
- We believe in
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in the Body of Christ (1Cor. 12: 1-11)
- We believe In
The Five Fold Ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers for
the perfecting of the saints and the edifying of the Body (Eph. 4:11-12).
* We could go on, but this should be sufficient for you, to know who we are here at the Ranch. *
So, May God Bless You, and we hope to see you soon!



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