Areas We Need Help In

Current Projects AT The Ranch

  • Building 4 small wood bridges
  • Building 2 wood decks
  • Cutting 1 New trail
  • Trail Maintenance
  • General grounds upkeep (sprinklers, mowing, etc.)

For Retreats and Events

  • People with digital cameras who love photography
  • Setting up and breaking down Sound Equipment
  • Directing parking of vehicles
  • Directing tent setup
  • Help in kitchen
  • General cleanup during and after

For Town Team USA

  • Road Crew for Town Team Events
  • Area Leader for each Town
  • Distribution of Posters and Flyers
  • An Events Coordinator

If you would like to help in one or more areas,
Please Provide The Following Information:
  • Your name and address
  • List the Area(s) you would like to help in
  • Indicate the dates you're available
  • Leave a contact phone or a cell phone number, and e-mail
 Email Jerry at :



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