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Here is another story that was related to me by a friend who had come to one of the retreats at the ranch. This friend, Darrel R., is a good man and not given to stretching or distorting the truth. He's a truck driver by trade and he had discovered the ranch through a church that he had been attending. A good number of this particular church body had started coming to the retreats.
Darrel is a blessing to all of us when he comes. His joy of the Lord and his childlike faith encourages everyone he is around. He's not afraid to be openly honest with the Lord or to show his love for Him. It's great to have people like Darrel around when you start to worship. It doesn't take him long to go right into abandoned worship. This is what the Holy Spirit is looking for, those who will yield to His help in worshiping Father God.
I'm not saying this to build up a man, but rather to let you know about the quality of the person who related this story to me. He is one, who is not given to telling things that are not so. Darrel is a person who I know, as a man that loves Jesus with all of his heart.
If you have read the article about "The Touch", you will understand even better why Darrel told me his story. It was because I had just told him of my experience with "The Touch", which then prompted him to share his experience. If there is one thing I regret, it is that I haven't asked more people about their experiences and then documented the things that have happened here. Sometimes people are reluctant to share, for reasons like I wrote about in "The Touch". Now for Darrel's story.
These particular meetings were, once again, tremendously packed with the presence of the Holy Ghost. People had been truly yielding and singing in the Spirit with all their might. This led us into High Worship, which led to the Holy Spirits' manifesting in many different and unusual ways.
As a worship leader, it is part of my job to be aware of where everyone is at in his or her point of worship. While we were worshiping I looked around at the wonderful expressions on the faces' as the Holy Spirit was moving. I remember seeing Darrel in a rather odd and different looking physical position. He was standing like everyone else with his arms lifted up, but his hands were hanging down. I could tell he was being touched and blessed so I didn't give it any more thought. It wouldn't be until later, as he related this story, that I would recall seeing him that way. In fact, it wasn't until after another meeting later that night, before we ended up sharing.




Now the manifestation that I had been having, I hadn't shared with anybody.
It had been almost a year, and I hadn't said anything to any one, until I shared it with Darrel. I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to tell about it, so I simply told him what had been happening with me. I won't tell it here because it is in the story of "The Touch", and also because this is Darrel's story.
As I told him what had been happening, he got really excited, and I could tell by the look on his face that he had something of his own to tell. I could see that by my being willing to share first, he then felt comfortable in letting it out. Here is what he said.
"Man, in that last meeting I was having such a great time worshiping the Lord and everything, but my arms got really tired. I had them down at my sides for a while, but I continued to worship. Then, all of a sudden, my hands started to float up! It was like they had balloons on them! I couldn't feel any weight at all! It was like the Lord was just raising them up. So I kept on praising Him even more. It was really cool! I've never had something like that happen before."
It was at this point when I recalled seeing his arms lifted up but his hands just hanging there during worship. Now I was excited! Now it made sense! The Holy Spirit was actually helping him worship. Darrel continued, " But that's just what happened this morning. Tonight it happened again, but this time I was setting down. I had held my arms up so long and they got tired again. All of a sudden my hands started to float up again, but this time so did my feet! There I was setting in the chair with both my hands and feet raised to the Lord!" I could tell Darrel was completely in awe of the Lord right then.
Now we were both excited! The Lord had been giving a manifestation to Darrel that was completely extraordinary. A true Sign that God was there with him. It was something that I remember seeing with my own eyes as well. I had seen him in the previous meeting and also in the later meeting, and I Wondered…. what in the world? But I knew he was worshiping and being blessed by the Lord. So I simply thought, praise You Lord!
How great is our Lord who can participate with us in such unique ways? Letting us know that He is in our midst. Showing us that He loves us so much. Helping us in everything we'll let Him. And manifesting Himself, even if He has to sweep us off our feet.



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