Baptism & The Fish

This event involves some of my family members, myself, the creek and some fish. This story will mean a lot to those who understand fishing, and even more so to those who are creek fishermen. However, I will try my best to explain, so that those who don't know much about fish, will understand, that what happened was a supernatural work of the Lord.
Now one of my family members wanted to be sure to get baptised in water before I left the ranch for the next trip. He hadn't been saved long, and he felt the Lord urging him to do this. Now there's a creek that runs through the ranch, and we are all familiar with it. We have all played or worked in the creek countless times over the years and it is a great setting for baptisms. The clear water makes it easy to see the beautiful green moss and every rock at the bottom. It was a beautiful summer day with a clear blue sky, and it was about mid afternoon when we headed for the creek. The Lord had the timing just right, so that there would be no mistake as to what we were about to see.
Now, for those who don't know how fish react when the water is disturbed, let me just simply say, they scatter. They head for cover. They will always shoot up or down stream to the closest bank hanging over the creek where they can hide in the shade, or they will hide close to a big rock or anything that causes ripples. Anywhere they cannot be seen, away from whatever has entered the creek. Just ask any creek fisherman who has tried to quietly sneak up on a great fishing hole, only to cast his shadow on the water and scare the fish from even coming out to bite. It can mean a long time of extra waiting before they will come out again. Sometimes patience, patience and more patience is required before they'll show themselves.
Well, here we were at the creek for a baptism, not for fishing. When we got to the spot where it was the right depth for us to do the baptism, we simply took our shoes off and walked in. We weren't trying to sneak up on a fishing hole. We weren't trying to be careful of our shadows. In fact we weren't even aware of the fish until what I'm about to tell you happened.
There we were, two family members on the bank and one to be baptised with myself in the middle of the creek. We began to pray and talk to the Lord, and to simply praise Him for a moment before we did the actual baptism. It was then that it happened.
Because the sun was just right, and the creek so clear, we could see something that was amazing. Although we had just entered the creek, and had been moving around, here they were, only about three or four feet away from the two of us. With amazement, I pointed and said, "Look at the fish!" As sure as we were standing there, here they were, right up next to us. They were facing right toward us in the middle of the creek. These fish were actually facing upstream, staying in the same position, like they were reverently waiting on us. As if to say, "We're here, you can go ahead and start now". All four of us could see them and we watched in awe. It was as if they had come to see what the Lord was up to. I remember even making that statement. It was one of those times when you just knew, that the Holy Spirit was manifesting in nature, an amen to what we were doing spiritually. One of those things that just doesn't happen in the natural.
Only the Lord can command such attention from His creation. Only He holds such awesome persuasion over nature. I am just thrilled that I was there to observe this demonstration of His presence. It was a time I will never forget. It was truly a Sign, and it made us Wonder. The baptism and the fish.
Oh yeah, for those who are fishermen…… a couple of them were pretty good size too.



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