For over 40 years now we have had many supernatural things take place at the ranch by the hand of the Lord. And although we've had many prophetic words concerning the ranch, we endeavored to not take things into our own hands, but to allow the Lord to bring them to pass. Being a promoter at heart, I purposefully kept my hands out of things, except for the necessary duties to carry out what the Lord would tell me at the time. But in 1999 some things began to change.
In the spring of '99 the Lord began to speak to me that it was time for many of the things He had shown us to begin to come forth. The Lord spoke to me not only in my heart, but He also began to bring prophets and prophetic people across my path. Many spoke directly to me about the ranch and ministry here. Most of these people had never seen or heard of us before.
Besides the words of "Stretching out..." and "Enlarging and widening the tent stakes…" of our ministry, there were constant words which confirmed many things in our hearts. Many confirmations came in prophecies where I would be seen as an eagle. This has happened time and again as the Lord has confirmed things to me. These people didn't know that the ranch is in Eagle Valley, or that I went to Eagle Valley High School, or of course, that our team was the Eagles. And most importantly, they didn't know that the name of our ministry is Eagle Ministries.
The Lord has continued to bring words specifically about the ranch as well as the ministry here. What's interesting, is that most of these words have come especially when I am out on the road, away from the ranch.
Another thing that's happened, is that since '99, He has brought more five fold ministries here than ever before in our history. We have been so blessed as these ministries have been led to come. Many of which have had divine connections and appointments when they've arrived.
One of the people that came previous to '99 was a prophetess, Vicky A., who came as an invited speaker. She had no prior knowledge of the ranch or our meetings but under the anointing of the Holy Spirit she saw and spoke of the ranch being a Bethel Place. "It is such a Bethel Place because it is so easy for angels to ascend and descend here" she spoke. At different times over the years she would bring this up to me in conversations saying..."the ranch is such a Bethel Place".
I began to notice that since1999 those who come to the ranch have mentioned seeing angels much more frequently than ever before in the past. I didn't catch on right away, but I believe this is for a couple of reasons, one of which is the worship here.
We began a change in our worship a couple of years before this, but in 1999 the Lord gave me a mandate that made a huge difference. He directed me that we were to always lead people into High Worship……Always.
By High Worship I am talking about a subject that I could write a book about, but I will try to explain it simply and in short for now. I am talking about people giving way to complete abandonment of singing in the Spirit. When this happens, harmonies that only the Holy Spirit can create can be audibly heard. A time of worship where people come into such agreement by their abandonment to worship Him, that the Holy Spirit can literally mold the most unskilled voices into rich, beautiful harmonies as a byproduct of His helping us worship Father God. At this point of abandoned yielding the presence of the Holy Spirit is tangible beyond compare. All of this so that I may say, where the Holy Spirit is entertained and entreated there will be His tangible presence. Never forget this, Angels abound when the Holy One is around.
I'm not going to go into all that the Lord has shown me for that wouldn't be prudent. However, the Lord has directed me to begin documenting some of the Signs and Wonders that have happened at the Ranch since 1999. I'll give as many details as possible so that you can have a good mental picture of what has happened so far.
I will make this statement though, which also leads to my second reason why so many things have been happening here. It is this... I do believe that there is an Open Heaven here at the ranch.
With that, I will begin to tell you some of the things that have happened since '99.



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