The following manifestation of the Holy Spirit took place in our living room during the March retreat of 2001. It was just after a tremendous and extended time of high worship. People were singing with total abandonment in the Holy Spirit as they worshiped. A long time friend of mine, Ralph Bass from Idaho, began ministering. Ralph has the strongest healing anointing of anybody I've ever ministered with. I've met only three men, during my years of ministry, with the kind of healing anointing that Ralph has. He and I had seen many miracles as we ministered together in the years gone by. However, we had lost touch as the Lord had led us through different paths over the years.
But now, he was right here in our living room, sharing about the tremendous power of God to heal. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so tangible in the house and His presence so intense as we were glued to what Ralph was sharing about miracle healings of God. There had been such a tremendous presence as we worshiped, and now, the anointing began to become even heavier. You could feel and sense something even more was about to happen.
Ralph stopped sharing for a moment, and then he made this statement. "I don't know if you can see it or not, but there is a purple mist in the room right now". The presence of the Holy Spirit was truly tangible at that moment. I remember it being hard for me to see Ralph clearly, and yet he was only a few feet away. What began to happen next, was that healings began to occur.
Ralph started to pray for people and soon I joined in. Then a couple more began to pray. We began to have one of the greatest times of healing we've ever had at the ranch. The Spirit of the Lord was manifesting himself as He willed. I remember one young man who had just gotten healed and had never been used by the Lord before was directed to pray for his friend who came to the retreat with him. He was astonished as the Holy Spirit worked through him to heal his friends' short leg by growing it out even. It was as if the Holy Ghost could actually be seen, as well as felt at that moment, while He blessed us with His wondrous works of healing. What a tremendous meeting that night became. The night of such a tangible, sweet, and powerful move of the Holy Spirit's presence. It is a night that I will never forget. The night He showed Himself, as a Purple Mist.



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