Funny - Serious Times

We always have fun here at the ranch even when it seems to be hard work. It takes a lot to have a large group of people come and stay for three or four days. But there are so many blessings that come when you are doing the Lords' will. People become so close to one another and relationships are born, some that will last a lifetime.
The fellowship is usually so sweet that several times we've had people actually leave to go home when it's over, only to turn around and come back with tears, saying "We just couldn't leave yet, we feel so much love here". Of course our hearts break too when everyone has to go and we usually shed tears as well. They have become family, and it truly is like seeing your family leave home.
By the time the retreats are over we have usually had many experiences together as a group. We have had the Lord speak to us together, heal some, deliver some, and manifest in our midst. We have usually got up too early and went to bed far too late together. No one wants to miss anything. You never know when there will be another move of the Holy Spirit as people are setting through out different rooms in the house and sharing and praying with one another. You can usually walk through the house and find any number of conversations about the things of the Lord going on.
There is always food, and of course the kitchen has been the Grand Central of many blessings of the Lord over the years. I once told my sister Tami "We needed a traffic light in the kitchen".
A retreat at the ranch has its' own unique way of reaching people and we always have a wide range of emotions that take place as the Lord deals with people's hearts. I have seen outbreaks of crying and sobbing during worship times, even from the men, and I have seen laughter that can't be quenched. In fact I have seen both at the same time. And this leads me to a story that I would like to tell you about now.
At the beginning of this particular meeting the Lord directed me to go around the room and anoint every one with oil. This is not uncommon to us at the ranch, as we believe in anointing with oil and praying. However as I did so, the Lord directed me to pray out loud for each one in the Spirit. It seemed each one that I prayed for, the Holy Spirit would have me talking to their spirit man inside of them.
For each person the Lord would give me a different language to pray with. It was as if He was making sure that each person got individual treatment. At about the third person I prayed for, they began to laugh because of the way the Lord was directing me to pray. It was as if one friend was telling another "Now look here, you should do it this way, it will be the best for you." all the while pointing and doing hand gestures. Well, I began to laugh too. With the next person it was the same way, with a completely different language and more laughter. Each one, as I continued on, got more and more laughter. By the time I had gotten back around full circle, I thought what a hilarious time we are having. Then as I fully turned around, in the midst of all this laughter, here were the first two men that I had prayed for, Ray and Orv, completely prostrate on the floor. No laughter at all, but rather, having a very solemn time with the Lord and weeping. They weren't moving at all. Their faces were glued to the floor and their hands stretched out in front of them.
However, the rest of us could hardly stand up. My sister Tami came out and laid hands on me. Then I was no good for anything and had to sit down myself. I remember setting there laughing my head off and looking around at how loud the laughter was getting in the room. Then I looked back at these two solemn souls prostrate on the floor. Right then, I thought this was the funniest thing I had ever seen. How in the world could they be in the midst of all of this funny stuff going on and be so serious? I pointed to them in laughter. For those who looked with me, they must have thought so too, because they roared even more. But Ray and Orv were too far gone for us to save. It was too late for them. It would be best to just let the blessing carry them on down the river where God intended…
Then the lord revealed to me that we were all on His spiritual playground, and that He had something for everyone. He granted something for those who needed to laugh and have joy, and He granted something for those who needed to weep and cry. Then there were those who were enjoying an array of things in between, like little children on God's playground singing and swaying and simply having fun. Both funny and serious at the same time! What a night that turned out to be, as the Glory of the Lord manifested on us.
It was as if the God was giving us a Sign saying, "It's a lot more fun and fulfilling to do things my way". There have been many more Wonderful times that I can tell you about, but I just thought that I would share this one because it was so unique.



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